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As part of our #5GCheckTheFacts campaign, our #Talking5G series invites industry professionals, councillors, leaders, among others to offer their expertise and explain the benefits that 5G will bring to their respective sectors, as well as elaborating on the benefits that it could bring to the UK.

We have a collection of various videos which highlight different sectors within the industry. Each video provides a different perspective into the future of 5G in the UK. To find out more, take a look at any of the links below!

The latest Live Better Connected podcast features telecommunications leader and book author, Ineke Botter as she offers some fascinating insights into experiences into her career.
Mobile UK launches a new podcast series inviting guests to discuss thought provoking use cases involving mobile connectivity. In this episode Mobile UK's Gareth Elliott discusses the campaign with Purplefish MD, Joanna Randall.
What is Net Neutrality? Does Net Neutrality Harm Consumers and Limit Innovation? We ask the key questions as we speak to Roslyn Layton from Strand Consult as part of the Live Better Connected podcast series.
In the latest of our #Talking5G video series, we speak to Izzy Taylor Head of Business Development for JET Connectivity. JET Connectivity specialises in providing 5G connectivity and services for challenging environments, especially at sea.
Community Catalysts works in partnership with local people and organisations to develop sustainable and local community enterprises that offer high-quality health and social care options and support Read on to see how mobile connectivity enables this work.
Our latest report, Connected Care: How mobile connectivity can help councils overcome the challenges of delivering adult social care, includes a foreword written by Central London Forward’s (CLF) Digital Champion, Nicola Egan.
Paul Cooper, VP of Engineering at Zeetta, a Bristol-based software company delivering a technology agnostic, self-management interface, talks to us about all things network slicing, from how it works, to how 5G will benefit future network slicing solutions.
Continuing his contribution to the series, Robert Franks (WM5G) returns to explain the 5G benefits we can expect to see for major cities such as Birmingham.
Our #Talking5G series welcomes Sophy Moffat, Head of Insight & Research at Cluttons, strategic property consultants for the infrastructure and telecoms industry.
Dr Simmons outlines how Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) will enhance self-driving cars, remote surgery, factory automation, augmented and virtual reality – to name a few, which will all prove vital in the development of smart cities.
Robert Franks, Managing Director at West Midlands 5G (WM5G), explores the importance of bringing 5G connectivity to the West Midlands and the role WM5G fulfills in coordinating between mobile operators and councils.
Our #Talking5G series returns in 2022, and to kick off the new year we are joined by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s (DCMS), Market Engagement Lead, Nick Wiggin.
Our latest #Talking5G video explores how 5G will impact Northern Ireland. FSB Northern Ireland’s, Daniel Donnelly, explains how 5G will benefit businesses.
Our #Talking5G series returns as we are joined by Neos Networks’ Director of MNO Network Transformation, Nigel Rowe.
With the release of Mobile UK's Connectivity and Climate Change report as part of the #Talking5G's series we talk to the report's author, Steve Hughes, Director at Policy Points.
The fourth entry in our #Talking5G series comes from the Local Government Association’s Digital Champion and Gloucestershire County Leader, Councillor Mark Hawthorne MBE.
This week, Sarah Eynon, Associate Director of Scottish Futures Trust, joins our #Talking5G series to give an insight into the social impacts 5G will have on individuals and communities and the associated considerations.
This week, Gareth Elliott, our Head of Policy and Communications, leads our second instalment of our #Talking5G series, providing an an insight into how 5G can spearhead climate action.
Mobile UK launches its new video series, #Talking5G, as part of the #5GCheckTheFacts campaign.