July 19, 2023

NEW: Live Better Connected Podcast Series Launched – Introduction With Mobile UK’s Gareth Elliott

Mobile UK launches a new podcast series to complement its Live Better Connected Campaign which itself is designed to showcase the benefits of mobile connectivity and raise awareness through innovative and creative resources showing how our lives are enhanced with mobile connectivity.

The podcast series seek to invite guests to discuss thought provoking use cases involving mobile connectivity. In this episode and, the first of the campaign, Mobile UK Director of Policy and Communications Gareth Elliott is quizzed by Joanna Randall, founder of agency partner Purplefish.  

As well as introducing the thinking behind Live Better Connected, the discussion centres around examples of how mobile innovation and technology is already making a difference in areas such as health, travel, work, industry and lifestyle  

With real life examples of how we are all using mobile technology, Gareth goes on to explain how the infrastructure, which often goes unnoticed, enables mobile networks to operate, such as masts and monopoles which look like streetlamps and base stations in our cities, and are fundamental to mobile technology.  Interested? Check out MObile UK’s unique educational cityscape.

Another topic covered is that of digital inclusion and the role mobile plays in tackling digital poverty – particularly relevant, with 15% of UK households now being mobile only. The multi-faceted aspects of digital exclusion are highlighted, emphasising how it cannot just be tackled with access to devices – solutions must include providing skills and confidence to support people to access mobile technologies.  

Gareth provides detail on what the industry is doing to extend rural coverage and networks to increase coverage and capacity so more people can benefit from living better connected.

The episode also covers the other elements of the Live Better Connected campaign such as the How Connected Are You? challenge; From Exclusion to Inclusion report and the online Interactive Mobile Landscape (coming soon).

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