September 13, 2021

#Talking5G with Mobile UK’s Gareth Elliott

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Last week, we launched our #Talking5G series as part of the #5GCheckTheFacts Campaign. This week, Gareth Elliott, our Head of Policy and Communications, leads our second instalment of the video series, giving us an insight into how 5G can spearhead climate action.

In this week's video, Gareth discusses how 5G ‘is going to be critical in our ability to tackle climate change’, as it helps connect people and things more directly. 5G allows us to develop a greater understanding of the world around us and enact change based on real-time data. Gareth talks through a number of real-world examples, outlining how 5G, as a facilitator technology, can directly impact several different sectors, including the manufacturing industry, to help lead environmental action. This includes offering the potential for the combined G7 manufacturing sectors to reduce their total carbon emissions by 1% during the period 2020-2035.

Gareth further explains that while 5G has the potential to spearhead climate action by introducing more efficient, 5G powered technologies which eliminate wastage and reduce CO2 emissions, the physical mobile infrastructure remains essential to achieving these goals. To build the mobile networks,Mobile UK is working with local governments and councils across the UK to provide information and drive reforms of the planning and regulatory systems so that 5G powered climate action can be introduced more quickly into reality.

Learn more about Gareth Elliott via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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