November 22, 2021

#Talking5G with Daniel Donnelly

Our latest #Talking5G video explores 5G’s impact in Northern Ireland. FSB Northern Ireland’s Head of Communications, Daniel Donnelly, joins us to talk us through this and explains how 5G will benefit businesses in Northern Ireland and how they can capitalise on the potential of 5G to advance further.

“The capacity for 5G to enable quicker and better connectivity between devices will undoubtedly bring advantages which those with an entrepreneurial mindset will seek to capitalise on.”

Belfast was one of the first cities to launch a 5G network, Daniel emphasises the importance of building on this to ensure future advancement.

Explaining how 5G will change our everyday lives, Daniel says:

“It is likely that the capacity of 5G will enable changes of digital services, transport, manufacturing and will impact our economy and society very broadly, perhaps in ways you might not even consider at the moment.”

Last year we called on ministers to develop a Mobile Action Plan that would take a comprehensive look at strategic planning and policy areas to help enable mobile infrastructure deployment.  

In his video contribution, Daniel reinforces this call to action, explaining how a Mobile Action Plan in Northern Ireland will address existing policy challenges and ensure the benefits of mobile coverage are maximised for Northern Ireland.

Please take the time to watch our latest #Talking5G video here to find out more.

Connect with Daniel Donnelly via LinkedIn.

FSB in Northern Ireland work with the Northern Ireland executives, elected representatives, councils, and many other decision-makers across the country to support small businesses and the self-employed. For more information about FSB Northern Ireland click here.

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