November 15, 2021

#Talking5G with Nigel Rowe of Neos Networks

Our #Talking5G series returns as we are joined by Neos Networks’ Director of MNO Network Transformation, Nigel Rowe.

A well establised fibre network operator, Neos Networks is helping to transform mobile networks as they support MNOs in their quest to roll out 5G services across the UK. In our latest video, Nigel describes how Neos Networks is achieving this and highlights the importance of ensuring the move to 5G is a smooth transition.

Nigel goes on to discuss how 5G works together with fibre technology to enable it to be a game-changer, and explains how 5G will help deliver benefits to the industry. He also talks in more detail around the potential that 5G has to deliver a greater revolution to previous generations of mobile networks:

“5G has the ability to take us beyond smartphones to a world of billions of devices all connected together.
“5G will enable smart cities to be much more energy efficient in its use of lighting and power, to have improved security and to offer a variety of smart transport options that will allow fast and efficient movement with overall less energy consumption.
“5G devices could also help the environment in many ways; managing water levels in our rivers and monitoring crop conditions, for example.

Please take the time to watch our latest #Talking5G video here to find out more.

Connect with Nigel Rowe via LinkedIn.

Neos Networks provides class-leading connectivity and data centre services that deliver high performance, cost efficiency and competitive edge connectivity to the private telecoms network. For more information about Neos Networks, click here.

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