October 20, 2021

#Talking5G with Policy Points' Steve Hughes - 5G and Climate Change

This week Mobile UK released its Connectivity and Climate Change report, underpinning the potential emissions reductions that are made possible with the enhanced connectivity provided by 5G technologies, existing mobile networks and the Internet of Things (IoT)).

In a follow up to the release of the report, Policy Points Director, Steve Hughes, joins our #Talking5G series to further explore the role mobile connectivity plays now and in the future in reducing carbon emissions.

In Steve’s #Talking5G video he explains how mobile connectivity is already enabling us to lead less carbon intensive lives. He offers real-life examples to illustrate this including home smart meters that enable homeowners to manage the heating and produce less carbon.  

Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home is now embedded in day-to-day work culture. Steve further explains how mobile connectivity is helping streamline the home working experience, in-turn reducing the carbon emitting consequences of daily commutes to work.

Steve also explains why it is important that policy makers act now to enable quick 5G deployment. Steve makes the point that “the quicker that 5G is deployed, the quicker its benefits can be realised.” These benefits are both economic and environmental and will contribute towards net zero.

Please take the time to watch our latest #Talking5G video here to find out more.

Connect with Steve Hughes via LinkedIn.

Policy Points is a research organisation that specialises in evidence-based policy making. For more information about Policy Points click here.

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