March 9, 2022

#Talking5G with Dr Nidhi Simmons from Queen's University Belfast about URLLC

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In our latest #Talking5G video, Dr Nidhi Simmons, a Research Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Research at the Centre for Wireless Innovation at Queen’s University Belfast, joins us to discuss how 5G will benefit our future and explains what ultra-reliable, low latency communications (URLLC) is, and how it will drive the technology of our future.

In her #Talking5G video, Dr Simmons outlines how low latency and reliability will enhance self-driving cars, remote surgery, factory automation, augmented and virtual reality – to name a few, which will all prove vital in the development of smart cities.

She further explains how the rollout of 5G, will support three core technologies: firstly, enhancing mobile broadband; secondly, machine-type communications; and, finally, enabling URLLC.

Dr Simmons’ research is based around the intelligent framework needed to develop URLLC to eliminate digital delays, which could make remote surgery possible, enabling all UK citizens access to the same level of care.  

URLLC is a key pillar of 5G, ensuring data transmission is seamless across multiple applications. This will benefit the reduction in delays of machine-to-machine communication, road congestion and traffic flow management via autonomous driving solutions and can reignite the UK’s economy through factory automation for reliable manufacturing.  

Please take the time to watch our latest #Talking5G video here to find out more.

To find out more information on the work Dr Nidhi Simmons’ profile, work and research output click here.

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