July 18, 2022

#Talking5G with Paul Cooper, VP of Engineering at Zeetta

Zeetta is a Bristol-based software company delivering a technology agnostic, self-management interface that simplifies connectivity and cloud-managed services through private mobile networks.

In his role, Paul is responsible for overseeing the development of Zeetta’s cutting-edge, mobile network-based, interface for connectivity and cloud management. The cloud-native and on-premise software products Paul works on provide virtualisation, automation, and network slicing services.  

Network slicing

We invited Paul to talk to us about all things network slicing, from how it works, to how 5G will benefit future network slicing solutions.  

Paul explained to us how slicing can be applied to any network, big or small, and offers communications service providers and enterprises alike enhanced, customised connectivity that can benefit all industries.  

Network slicing can also be beneficial to consumers, offering an effective solution for operators’ to develop and manage a network that meets and exceed the ever-increasing demands of the modern network user.  

Paul describes how “network slicing is the ability to logically partition a network, in that a piece of that network is separated and dedicated to a specific purpose”. This network slice ensures that the integrity, availability, and quality of a data connection is managed.  

Given that a major objective of 5G is to support enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type communications, and ultra-reliable low latency (faster with less buffering) communications, network slicing can provide 5G networks with efficient allocated space for each of these services.  

Previous 4G domains have run off shared data transport mechanisms that result in aggregated data traffic and thus slow connection speeds. Within a network sliced 5G domain, greater connection speeds are available, as each service is allocated its connection point.

Therefore, network slicing and 5G unlock a new era of application-led network control needs. Zeetta is responding to this with its cutting-edge application and end-to-end enterprise network slicing solution. Paul explains: “Zeetta provides a dashboard where the network service providers and enterprise customers alike can see their network slices and, most importantly, confirm how those slices and performing”.  

Please take the time to watch our latest #Talking5G video here to find out more here.

To find out more about Paul’s work, and the solutions Zeetta is providing, visit:  

Connect with Paul Copper on LinkedIn.

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