January 5, 2023

#Talking5G with Izzy Taylor, Head of Business Development at JET Connectivity

In the latest of our #Talking5G video series, we speak to Izzy Taylor Head of Business Development for JET Connectivity. JET Connectivity specialises in providing 5G connectivity and services for challenging environments, especially at sea.

In her contribution to the video series, Izzy reveals that JET is developing floating 5G networks hosted on buoys, to provide connectivity to coastal and offshore locations. She then goes on to explain the drive behind this design is JET’s passion to improve safety at sea.

Izzy elaborates on how their approach is specifically designed for the maritime environment, so the setup is different to online networks who require huge amounts of data and users to be processed at once.  

Be sure to watch the full video here to find out more about JET Connectivity’s maritime successes. Further to this, visit the JET5G website, for more information about JET Connectivity.  

Learn more about JET Connectivity here and connect with Izzy Taylor via LinkedIn.

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