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Ahead of the General Election Gareth Eliott welcomes John Arnold, a veteran public affairs professional to give his take on the election and what it means for the infrastructure sector.
The Live Better Connected Podcast General Election mini series continues, welcoming new guests to give us a bit of insight into what’s going on and tracking next week’s election.
Ahead of the general elections we have launched a brand new limited mini-series, where we welcome guests who have stepped both in and around the infrastructure and political worlds. In this episode we speak with Tom Kelly, former government spokesperson for the Prime Minister.
Gavin Winbanks, author of a new report looking at unlocking investment in the mobile industry, calls on the Government to follow through on its Wireless Infrastructure Strategy
Have you ever wondered about the true value of mobile connectivity in our lives? In this episode we chat with Matt Howett, CEO of Assembly Research, to discuss his most recent report uncovering the real value of mobile connectivity.
In the next iteration of the Live Better Connected podast series, Gareth speaks with Ericsson and BT about how they helped the Port Of Tyne to fulfill its ambition to become a smart 5G port.
In the next episode to the Live Better Connected podcast we are thrilled to speak with Helen Milner OBE, the Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation, where we discuss digital exclusion and collaboration with mobile companies to mitigate its impact.
As 2023 draws to a close we decided to take a look back at our Live Better Podcast and the fascinating and interested guests we met. And as its Christmas we have also included some bloopers for your enjoyment.
The Live Better Connected podcast series welcomes the Local Government Association’s (LGA) Digital Champion, Cllr Mark Hawthorne to discuss how mobile is essential to local authorities across the country.
The latest Live Better Connected podcast episode explores mobile connectivity in education welcoming Cadoxton Primary School Teacher, Hannah Cogbill-Davies.
To showcase how we use mobile connectivity we challenged Iain Morris, news editor at industry publication Light Reading, to see if he could get through 24 hours without mobile connectivity.
In the fifth episode of the Live Better Connected podcast, Mobile UK welcomes the well-known social enterprise, the Big Issue Group.
Mobile UK met with Steve Wind-Mozley, Chief Marketing Officer at LiveU, a broadcast technology company at the forefront of live video transmission and streaming via mobile connectivity.
The latest Live Better Connected podcast features telecommunications leader and book author, Ineke Botter as she offers some fascinating insights into experiences into her career.
Mobile UK launches a new podcast series inviting guests to discuss thought provoking use cases involving mobile connectivity. In this episode Mobile UK's Gareth Elliott discusses the campaign with Purplefish MD, Joanna Randall.
What is Net Neutrality? Does Net Neutrality Harm Consumers and Limit Innovation? We ask the key questions as we speak to Roslyn Layton from Strand Consult as part of the Live Better Connected podcast series.