August 30, 2023

Live Better Connected Podcast With LiveU: How Mobile Is Revolutionising Broadcasting

Mobile UK met with Steve Wind-Mozley, Chief Marketing Officer at LiveU in the next iteration of the Live Better Connected podcast. LiveU is a broadcast technology company providing live video transmission and video streaming solutions through mobile connectivity.

Steve spoke with our Director of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, and talked through some of the fascinating projects the company has worked on within the broadcast space; from live sports events to historical moments such as the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.  

During the episode Steve explains video as “the most powerful form of communication available on the planet and that the ability to share live video stories from anywhere should be accessible to as many as possible.”  

As part of the royal coronation event, LiveU also worked alongside Vodafone Business and ITN, using a ‘sliced’ part of the public 5G network to deliver a robust stream of the newly coronated King and Royal family as they stood upon the balcony. This 5G enabled streaming process lightened the workload as cables were not required and content was produced and live streamed and viewed by over a 100+ million viewers. 5G and network slicing enables broadcasters to deliver different creative solutions that avoid complexities, costs, and effort that it usually takes without the technology.

Throughout the episode Steve expresses how mobile technology is reducing costs and complexities around workflow, simplifying broadcast workflow. These reductions ultimately benefit the whole content ecosystem from production right through to the consumer experience.

We encourage all to watch and listen to the full episode as Steve offers some fascinating examples on how LiveU’s technology is being used not only for news broadcasting but all types of broadcasting, providing immersive on-demand experiences powered by mobile.  

Also, in the episode Gareth and Steve discuss how broadcasting is empowering the growth of sports such as women’s football and how this technology is bringing them to the forefront through multiple on-demand streaming options.

You can watch the full episode on our YouTube channel here.  Find out more about the amazing work being completed by LiveU by visiting its site and by following Steve on LinkedIn.

As part of our Live Better Connected campaign, we encourage you to participate in our How Connected Are You? challenge to find out what type of mobile user you are.  

We have also launched an educational tool to challenge the thinking around the role of mobile connectivity in our daily lives.

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