June 21, 2024

Live Better Connected Podcast: Election Special with Tom Kelly, Strategic Infrastructure Advisor

Ahead of the general election we have launched a brand new limited mini-series, where we welcome guests who have stepped both in and around the infrastructure and political worlds to get a closer insight into what will happen on 4th July, and crucially, what it might mean for the UK’s infrastructure.

In our latest episode Gareth Elliott, our Director of Policy and Communications, is joined in conversation with Tom Kelly, Strategic Infrastructure Advisor. Tom joins to discuss the importance of clarity in the investment environment, collaboration between industries and government and challenges in planning.

Tom has years of experience working in the infrastructure world, starting his career at the BBC before moving into government, as the Government’s spokesman for the former Prime Minister Tony Blair for six years. Since then, Tom has worked with Network Rail before moving to HS2.

During this episode Gareth and Tom discuss what is needed from the next government, what the likley approach will be from the political parties towards infrastructure, and how this is being considered by those waiting to get into, or back into, No. 10.  

Highlighting on the rhetoric around the election Tom says:

“What we have is a rise over tax, and in my view, that is secondary because if we are going to invest in public services, if we're going to get growth in the UK, which has been lacking for well over a decade, then we need investment. To get investment, you need that clarity. You need that consistency. You need that certainty.
“For Labour, in particular, that means joining up the dots between its aspirations for the national economy and how it's going to deliver.”

Visit the Mobile UK YouTube channel to watch the full episode here.

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