November 20, 2023

Immersive Learning in Primary Schools: Unlocking New Experiences with 5G Mobile Technology

Hannah joins our Director of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, to talk through the exciting educational use of 5G to provide immersive teaching to her students.

Cadoxton Primary School is one of the first in the UK to adopt a 5G-powered system that creates an all-immersive virtual world that can even imitate smells. This innovative space is powered by high-speed 5G connectivity, creating a virtual world projected onto the four walls and floor. The technology brings teaching to life like never before and allows children to explore different environments, from prehistoric times and life underwater to everyday experiences like a trip to a train station.

What sets this apart is the multi-sensory aspect – not only visual but also incorporating smells related to the simulated environments, making for a truly immersive experience the children will never forget.  

In the podcast episode Hannah describes the space as transformative, changing a regular room into a captivating place using innovative virtual reality technology. She explains the overwhelmingly positive response the school has had from its students to new technology.  

The space has piqued the children's curiosity, who have proved eager to explore a multitude of different environments. The innovative learning experience not only captivates their attention but also enhances their key skills, connecting their classroom learning to real-world scenarios.

This 5G-powered technology also functions as a community asset. Cadoxton Primary School has partnered with other schools and organisations, allowing others to access and utilise the innovative technology.  

Teachers, too, have been excited about the opportunities presented by this new style of teaching. They are undertaking training to incorporate this technology seamlessly into the curriculum. Parents, initially surprised by their children's stories of dinosaurs and underwater adventures, are supportive and engaged, attending school events to witness the impactful learning in action.

Watch our latest Live Better Connected podcast episode for more information about this amazing technology.

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