"our lives are richer and more fulfilled by being connected through mobile networks"

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Do you feel your connectivity in your area could be better?

Here’s what you can do to make a difference:

  • Advocate for connectivity in your area and call for funding of a dedicated Digital Champion. A local Digital Champion can coordinate and prioritise digital connectivity and address digital exclusion as part of the government’s levelling up agenda.
  • Download a template letter and write to your local Council Leaders to ensure your area is receiving the support in needs to maintain connectivity into the future.Want better connectivity now and in the future for your area, write to your local politician

Want better connectivity now and in the future for your area, write to your local politician

Mobile connectivity and infrastructure are integral for day-to-day life – enabling us to connect, live and work.

The benefits of improving mobile connectivity go far beyond greater mobile coverage. Stronger mobile connectivity at a local level has huge potential to deliver real economic, political, and societal benefits.

To ensure your area stays connected both now and for the future please support our Digital Champions campaign.

Showing your support is easy – enter your postcode below to find the contact details for your local representative.

Write asking them to prioritise mobile infrastructure roll out across region and create a dedicated Digital Champion role to coordinate connectivity and raise awareness in your area.


You can find out more about the role of Digital Champions here

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How you can get involved:

  • Find out how connected your life is compared to the rest of the UK populating and take the How Connected Are You? challenge
  • Learn more about how connectivity makes things work in our cities, towns and villages with our interactive landscape which shows the importance of infrastructure and masts to ensure we can live our lives reassured that we will always be connected.
  • Our dedicated website page offers facts, stats, case studies and infographics which show how connectivity improves every area of life Live Better Connected - facts and stats.
  • Be a connected business case study. If you run a business and rely on being connected to sell your products or services; or you might be developing new apps or technology dependent on 5G please get in touch here.