February 19, 2024

Live Better Connected Podcast: Why Is 5G Technology A Gamechanger For UK Ports?

The Port of Tyne, one of the UK’s biggest and most important ports, has gone live with 4G and 5G private network connectivity. This will bring together its vision of becoming a leading smart port that is a model of safety, efficiency, and sustainability. In our latest podcast episode, our Director of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott is joined by John Goy, Solutions Consultant at BT Group, and Phillip Bonner, Account Director at Ericsson, to discuss their partnership innovative with the Port of Tyne.

Together with BT Group and Ericsson, the Port of Tyne deployed a 5G private network and smart port technology across the entire estate. The infrastructure that enables this is built on an Ericsson Private 5G solution and BT spectrum, whereby both 4G and 5G will operate simultaneously to support legacy devices as well as power new 5G applications in the port’s future transformation.

During the podcast episode, our guests explain how connectivity is helping to support critical issues faced by the maritime industry. Phillip Bonner explains that “Connectivity plays an important role, whether you are connecting your workforce, connecting machines, or using it to be more efficient to save electricity and be more sustainable.” Ericsson is utilising 5G connectivity to go one step beyond, connecting people and things together to draw out the benefits that allow enterprises to do more with less.

To deliver connectivity to the port, John Goy explains that 5G offers the perfect solution as it is based off the networks’ licenced spectrum (This means the 5G is not congested due to connectivity demand in the area and is much stronger than Wi-Fi).  

To find out more about the fascinating ways 5G technology is being utilised to transform the maritime industry, be sure to watch and listen to the full episode here. To find out more about our guests and the amazing work they are completing visit the BT and Ericsson’s websites here.  

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