June 28, 2024

Live Better Connected Podcast: Election Special with Nick Wiggin, Head of Partnerships

In the latest episode we welcome Nick Wiggin, Head of Partnerships at Freshwave and Chair of the Communications Infrastructure Services Council. Not only has Nick worked alongside Freshwave and TechUK, but he also worked within the Civil Service as part of the Department for Science Innovation and Technology (DSIT).

Following the publication of all three manifestos from the major political parties, Nick and our Director of Policy and Communications Gareth Elliott discuss how the new government can build on the groundwork of the wireless infrastructure strategy. Nick reflects on what is happening on the inside and what civil servants are doing at this

He expresses that:

“It’s an unusual, uncertain time. I would say that it’s a good opportunity to pause and reflect on strategic direction and we’re seeing that across our partners, across the mobile network operators that we work with. As well as local authority and regional authorities that we engage with on a daily and weekly basis."

Throughout the episode Nick shares his view on the three major political parties and their stance on mobile infrastructure.

Visit the Mobile UK YouTube channel to watch the full episode here.

The Live Better Connected Podcast General Election mini series continues, welcoming new guests to give us a bit of insight into what’s going on and tracking next week’s

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