TV Interference

If you’re experiencing new interference to TV received through an aerial, such as Freeview, BT, or YouView, this could be caused by mobile services that have been upgraded in your area.

What can you do? - Restore TV

Restore TV is an independent programme created to ensure that all UK viewers continue to receive free to view TV or are offered a suitable alternative, if new mobile services cause TV interference.

How can Restore TV help?

If the interference might be due to mobile signals, and if you are responsible for your own aerial, Restore TV can send you a Restore TV approved filter to fit yourself, free of charge. Filters are smaller than a pack of cards and need no batteries or external power supply. They normally plug into the lead between your TV and your aerial. 

The filter blocks the mobile signals being received by your TV equipment and enables you to continue receiving and watching free to view TV as normal.

If the interference is not due to mobile signals, the engineer can provide advice on what might be causing TV interference and advise you on how to retune your TV. The engineer will also fit a filter to prevent any interference if mobile services are upgraded in your area in the future.

What’s happening and why?

Mobile services and digital TV use parts of the radio spectrum (airwaves), to reach us. The airwaves used by some new mobile services are next to those used for TV received through an aerial, such as Freeview, BT, TalkTalk or YouView.

As a result, when a nearby mobile mast is upgraded, there is a small chance that your aerial, TV, or set-top box could struggle to receive a good TV signal. Cable and satellite services will not be affected.

You are more likely to be affected if you live in an area with weak digital television reception, have a TV signal booster, or are very close to a mobile mast.

How do I contact Restore TV

Please visit the Restore TV website here.