Speed Up Britain

Speed Up Britain campaign launches to accelerate roll out of Britain’s mobile networks

Cellnex, Cornerstone, MBNL and Mobile UK have come together to launch Speed Up Britain, a new campaign calling for the Government to urgently redress the inefficiencies in the Electronic Communications Code (“the Code”), legislation that was intended to assist the rapid deployment of mobile infrastructure.

The Code, last revamped in 2017, was designed to help network operators and landowners reach agreements on network upgrades and rollout. Mobile connectivity continues to reshape society, and has played a major role in helping combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Proprietary polling carried out for the Speed Up Britain campaign shows that 60% of us rely on mobile internet for one hour or more a day, and the pandemic has shown that more people need mobile coverage so they can share the economic benefits of new technology.

Speed Up Britain is calling on the Government to make specific, targeted changes to the Code which will:

  • Allow everyone involved in delivering mobile infrastructure to collaborate effectively, and to help the Government meet its digital ambitions;
  • Reduce scope for the processes it outlines to be delayed unnecessarily;
  • Better enable operators to install and upgrade new technologies on mobile sites; and,
  • Make the process of rolling out new sites much more efficient.

Speed Up Britain

For more information about the Speed Up Britain Campaign please go to www.speedupbritain.com

For media inquiries, please contact contact@speedupbritain.com