“we underestimate the influence on decision-making when we are in a 'hot state' where we feel emotional, rushed and worked up.”

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Stop Think Fraud

Stop! Think Fraud’ is the new national campaign against fraud. Led by the Home Office, working in collaboration with partners such as National Cyber Security Centre, Department for Science, Innovation & Technology, City of London Police and National Crime Agency. It streamlines anti-fraud communications and makes it easier for the public to recognise fraud and take steps to protect themselves and their family and friends.

If you see something suspicious, always taking a moment to stop, think and check whenever we’re approached, we can help to protect ourselves and each other from fraud

  • Break the contact – don’t reply, click on any links within the email or phone any numbers listed.
  • Check if it’s genuine: contact the organisation directly, using an email address or phone number, e.g. from your utility bills or statements.

Find out how to stay ahead of scams at gov.uk/StopThinkFraud