"...internet service providers, should treat all data on the Internet equally."

Net Neutrality > Introduction

Net neutrality is the concept that states that organizations, such as internet service providers, should treat all data on the Internet equally.

Position Statement

Mobile UK has identified that reform of the net neutrality regulations is one of the key measures that should be enacted to improve the investment outlook for the telcos and the online market more generally.

The UK’s regulations, transposed from EU law, are some of the most restrictive across the world economy, with, for example detailed rules on traffic management and the zero-rating of internet sites, which restrict the telcos’ ability to innovate and manage networks efficiently. It also leads to an imbalance of negotiating power between the telcos and content providers. The net neutrality regulations should be removed and replaced with a code of practice that protects internet freedoms but gives more flexibility to telcos to innovate and invest. This approach has worked perfectly well in the past and in other regions of the world.