September 20, 2021

#Connected Britain 2021 is Here: Mobile UK Speaking and Award Nominee

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Connected Britain 2021 is finally here this week and Mobile UK will not only be speaking at the event but is also up for two awards.  

Founded in 2014, Connected Britain has cemented itself as one of the leading UK tech events, helping audiences understand the technology, regulation, and investment environment for the rollout of next-generation connectivity and meeting with key industry figures and leaders.  

2021 has been an exciting year for Mobile UK, and earlier this year, we launched the #5GCheckTheFacts campaign to provide awareness and education about 5G and to tackle misinformation about the technology. We are thrilled that not only will we be speaking at the event, but we have also been nominated for two category awards during the Connected Britain Awards ceremony taking place Tuesday 21st September 2021.  

Mobile UK has been nominated for the 5G Initiative Award, which highlights organisations that have undertaken an initiative to drive the rollout and uptake of 5G in the UK, and the Barrier Removal Award, recognising organisations that have facilitated a successful initiative to remove or lessen barriers to connectivity improvement.  

Mobile UK will also be represented during two- panel sessions, of which the benefits of 5G and the need for swift deployment will be discussed by a range of professionals, including Mobile UK’s Head of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, on 21st September and Director, Hamish MacLeod, on 22nd September 2021.

Speeding up the delivery of 5G networks is important in assisting the UK’s economic recovery.; however, as a facilitator technology it will enable us to meet our ambitions and goals quicker. This is perhaps most provident in our actions to tackle climate change, where 5G technologies offer next-generation capabilities to assist multiple sectors in reducing their emissions dramatically. Gareth and Hamish will outline this in detail during their panel sessions.  

5G technology will be better at doing what 4G does already, but significantly it will offer faster and more reliable mobile internet. 5G has the potential to change how we learn, communicate, and do our jobs through the simultaneous and seamless connection of our digital devices.

You can find out how 5G will benefit health care, the sports experience, the climate change challenge and more in our extensive mini pack collection.

Click here for the Connected Britain conference agenda.

  • Gareth Elliott, Head of Policy and Communcations, will be speaking on 21st Septemeber at 11:10 as part of the Connected Society thread on 'How is digital infrastructure helping to build a more connected society?'.
  • Hamish MacLeod, Director, will be speaking on 22nd September at 11:10 as part of the Gigabit Britain thread on '5G deployment progress report'. Hamish will also be representing Speed Up Britain as its Steering Committee Member.

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