May 15, 2024

World Telecommunication Day 2024: Meeting the UK’s Connectivity Goals

This Friday, May 17th, marks World Telecommunication and Information Society Day! This annual awareness day celebrates the power of digital innovation in advancing sustainable development and prosperity for all.

Mobile connectivity plays a fundamental role in advancing sustainable development and prosperity. The UK’s Wireless Infrastructure Strategy aims for standalone 5G coverage across the UK by 2030, underscoring the government’s belief in its potential to promote digital inclusivity, assist with climate change goals, and unlock innovation across a broad range of sectors.

However, in order for government goals to be met, a positive investment environment is required, ensuring the UK economy will not miss out on growth and development opportunities.

We recently commissioned a report by White Hawk Green entitled Rebalancing Act: Unlocking the Potential of the UK’s Mobile Industry. This report looks into the challenges faced by the industry in bringing about a step change in the sector’s capacity for raising capital for significant infrastructure upgrades.

The report sets out four recommendations in order to rebalance competing demands:

  • At a minimum follow through on policies and actions outlined in the Wireless Infrastructure Strategy – such as reducing annual licence spectrum fees to stimulate investment, reforming traffic management regulations and driving demand in the public sector.
  • Explore further policy actions designed to remove barriers to network rollout – including adequate funding of the planning system, the implementation of Digital Champions within local authorities to promote the rollout and adoption of digital technologies, and further reform of permitted development rights.
  • Implement fiscal measures that will have a direct and immediate impact on improving MNO investment outlook – including Business Rates holidays for new mobile infrastructure).
  • Consider further actions that can be taken to support private capital being deployed in the UK by mobile operators – taking into consideration significant interventions in other territories (such as the Inflation Reduction Act in the US and the Resilience and Reconstruction Fund in the EU) and the need for operators to offer competitive returns to investors.

To read the full report please click here:

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