July 1, 2024

Vodafone meets Partial Not Spot Target As Part of Shared Rural Network Programme

Vodafone has confirmed that is has hit its Partial Not Spot (PNS) coverage target of the Shared Rural Network (SRN) programme, reinforcing the company’s commitment to rural communities throughout the UK as The Nation’s Network.

Through the SRN programme, Vodafone has successfully introduced 4G to more than 400 rural locations. This, in turn, is bringing its strong and reliable coverage to more than 17,000 square kilometres of the UK, which is greater in size than the area of Yorkshire.

Andrea Donà, Chief Network Officer, Vodafone UK, said:

“At Vodafone, we’ve always been vocal in our belief that a rural postcode should not be a barrier to connectivity. And, as The Nation’s Network, our mission is to make sure no part of the UK is left behind.

“This is why we continue to invest millions in our rural network, so that customers living, working and visiting rural locations will benefit from a strong voice signal and fast data speeds. The SRN is a world-first partnership between Government and mobile operators, and this is a major milestone for Vodafone, achieved through teamwork, passion, creative delivery and determination, and I’m honoured to lead this incredible team.”

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