November 18, 2020

UK mobile operators launch new product for businesses to help protect customers from fraud and cyber crime

  • EE, O2, Three and Vodafone collaborate to launch NumberVerify
  • New product will help businesses seamlessly verify customer identity for online transactions

The UK’s four mobile network operators – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone – have come together to strengthen consumer safety online, developing a new product for businesses that authenticates user identity for online transactions.

The new product, called Number Verify, will help in the fight against fraud by verifying customers through matching phone numbers used in a web or app session to ensure the details being provided are the same registered on the customer’s account. This will help businesses be confident that the customer’s identity is genuine and reduce fraud whilst still preserving their privacy.

It will allow businesses with mobile apps such as financial services (banks, building societies), e-commerce, gig economy platforms and social networks to enable their consumers to prove their identity when completing transactions on their mobile phones.

Gareth Elliott, Head of Policy and Communications at Mobile UK, said

“In a world of increasing digital transactions, the launch of Number Verify is an evolution in how customers can be protected against cybercrime and social engineering attacks. Working collaboratively, as an industry the four operators can offer service providers, and app developers, reach that covers 65m mobile data connections, which is a powerful weapon in the fight against fraud.”              

Prior to the launch of Number Verify, a common way for businesses to verify users was by sending a one-time passcode to the consumer’s mobile phone. This was then inputted into the business’s mobile app or website to confirm possession of the mobile phone.

Number Verify simplifies this process and is PSD2 SCA  (Strong Customer Authentication) compliant, which means it adheres to regulation that has been adopted by the UK to protect business and consumers from the growing amounts of fraud in digital payments online.

Notes to Editors

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is Number Verify?

Number Verify (“NV”) is a new way for consumers to prove that they are who they say there are when transacting on their mobile phones. A more familiar way that many service providers do that today is by sending a one-time passcode to the consumer’s mobile phone, which can then be input into the service provider mobile app or website to confirm possession of the mobile phone.

2.      I’m a service provider or developer, why should I consider using Number Verify?

Number Verify is a great way for service providers and app developers to help prove customers are who they say they are, and is considered as a possession factor. It can be combined with other factors, e.g. username and password, or used on its own depending on the use-case and risk profile of the transaction.

The key benefits of Number Verify to service providers and app developers are:

  • It is available now for subscribers on all four UK mobile networks with coverage of 65 million subscribers with mobile data connections
  • Can be quickly and easily embedded via simple API or SDK
  • Secure way of authenticating customers using their mobile network
  • PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant
  • Can be used for registration and login use-cases
  • Superior and seamless experience for customers

 3.      What are the benefits to EE, O2, Three and Vodafone subscribers?

Customers of the four mobile network operators can benefit from a superior customer experience and reduced exposure to fraud when proving that they are who they say they are with any service provider that has deployed Number Verify. The key benefits to consumers are:

  • Fast and secure way of proving they are who are say they are with any supported service provider product or service
  • Works directly on the mobile device in-app or in mobile browser with no need to enter additional information (other than their phone number at registration) or remember additional passwords or passcodes
  • Protects consumers from fraud and identity theft for supported service provider services

4.      Is this technology available in other markets?

Yes, this technology is offered by the major US carriers and many service providers and is proven at scale with billions of transactions secured on a monthly basis.  

 5.      I’m a service provider, how do I get Number Verify and integrate with my products and services?

The service is available in the UK, supporting the four mobile networks, via the following accredited partners:


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