January 30, 2018

The mobile industry needs a certain and predictable framework: Mobile UK’s response to the Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review

Mobile UK is encouraged that the Government has correctly identified a need to understand and look towards refining the telecoms infrastructure market. However, it is essential that in doing so it also it commits itself to providing a more sophisticated approach to telecommunications policy that not only joins up government departments but also clearly sets out a long-term framework that incentivises private investment.

Mobile network operators remain firmly committed to the UK and are investing heavily in their networks to continually enhance their services and extend capacity and coverage. The Government must also work with industry to ensure that it offers long-term clarity. Changing priorities and continuously updating demands on the industry make setting long-term investment plans difficult and as such impact on the speed and effectiveness of mobile network roll-out plans.

Gareth Elliott, Head of Policy and Communications for Mobile UK said:

“Mobile operators ultimately seek clarity from Government so that they can develop their long-term network rollout and investment plans. With expectations to deliver 5G over the next decade and existing plans to extend and enhance current 4G networks it is important that Government works in partnership with industry and sets a framework that encourages certainty and investment.”

Mobile UK's response to the Call for Evidence can be found below.

Mobile UK's response to the Call for Evidence PDF

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