February 12, 2024

STOP! THINK FRAUD: UK Government launches a brand-new campaign against fraud

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Fraud is the most common crime in the UK, accounting for almost 40% of all crime in England and Wales. In just one year, 1 in 17 adults in England and Wales were victims of fraud (that’s almost 3 million people). The 2023 Fraud Strategy sets out how the Government will:

The 2023 Fraud Strategy sets out how the Government will:

  • Pursue Fraudsters – increasing law enforcement capacity to pursue and disrupt fraudsters.
  • Block Fraud – working with industry to block frauds from reaching the public in the first place.
  • Empower People – help people to avoid fraud and respond appropriately when it does get through.

To address fraud crimes, the UK government has launched a brand-new national cross-government anti-fraud campaign, ‘Stop! Think Fraud’. Led by the Home Office, working in collaboration with partners such as the National Cyber Security Centre, Department for Science, Innovation & Technology, City of London Police, and the National Crime Agency. This campaign streamlines anti-fraud communications and makes it easier for the public to recognise fraud and take steps to protect themselves, their family, and friends.

Mobile UK is working in partnership with the Home Office in supporting the public to identify fraud and take the necessary steps to prevent it. On our website [insert link], we have provided useful information advising how best to spot fraud, what action to take if you see something suspicious, and how to report it.

Find out how to stay ahead of scams by visiting our Stop! Think Fraud page and click here to find out more.

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