December 7, 2021

SRN Update: Virgin Media O2 Updates on 2021 Rural UK 4G and 5G Deployment

Virgin Media O2, Scotland, Shared Rural Network, SRN, England
  • Virgin Media O2 announced that is has upgraded 2,876 locations in small towns and hamlets with 4G this year, and increased 4G network capacity in 178,500 postcodes across the UK.
  • The network provider has also rolled out 5G in a total of 53 smaller towns and hamlets, in addition to urban areas.    
  • Virgin Media O2 also announced it is rolling out new Shared Rural network sites in Scotland in areas such as South Knapdale, Elvingston, Hamnavoe and the Isle of Harris.

4G connectivity provides the backbone of rural mobile connectivity and Virgin Media O2 is proud to have increased 4G network capacity in 178,500 postcodes across the UK throughout 2021. Virgin Media O2 are also proud to have completed our gigabit broadband rollout across the UK, connecting 15.5 million homes to gigabit speed broadband.

Earlier in 2021, Virgin Media O2 demonstrated its commitment to rural connectivity further by teaming up with the UK Government and other major network operators on the Shared Rural Network with the aim to bring an end to partial not-spots.

A connected future of farming

As an industry, farming is set to benefit significantly from improved rural connectivity. Enabling technologies such as connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs), connected drones and remote sensors can help farmers more effectively manage their farms.

David Owens, Head of Technical Trials at Virgin Media O2 said:

“One of the main areas connectivity is supporting in farming is remote sensing – used in Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) and IoT-enabled animal management. The sensors play an important role and allow farmers to proactively manage field conditions remotely, monitoring livestock health, remote workers and equipment – all boosting rural productivity.”

Innovations powered by 4G and 5G connectivity have the potential to change the farming industry for the better and impact the day-to-day life of a farmer. Beyond improved productivity, connectivity innovations can also offer improved efficiency whilst minimising the impacts to the landscape and environment. Technology examples, such as remote sensing and analysis using computer vision and drones, supporting the use of AGVs and delivering targeted use fertilisers and insecticides, will help reduce the environmental impacts of increased yield farming.

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