November 1, 2021

#RoadToNetZero: Harnessing 5G in the energy sector

RoadToNetZero: Harnessing 5G in the energy sector

COP26 and net zero targets

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Climate change has proven to represent one of the biggest challenges of modern times.

This week global parties gather in Glasgow for COP26 (2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference) to accelerate action towards reaching net zero by 2050.

What is net zero?

Net zero refers to a state of balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, and the carbon removed from it. 5G technology, alongside existing connectivity is set to be a game-changer, with the potential and capability to help advance the energy, transport, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors to reach net zero.

This is the first of our four-part blog series #RoadToNetZero which explores how 5G technology will support the energy, transport, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors to net zero. In this first article we explore the impact 5G will have on the energy sector.

5G and Energy

5G-enabled technology will impact everything from renewables and storage-powered grids to multiple connected devices (known as the Internet of Things) helping customers to monitor the energy usage of each device.

It is estimated that 5G connectivity could help save over 250 million tonnes in CO2 emissions globally by 2030 through accelerating the move to wind and solar energy.

Reduce Emissions from Energy

How 5G is energising the utilities and power industries

Research has found that smart grids in Sweden, that monitor energy requirements and usage via 5G connected smart devices, are integral to assisting Sweden’s transition to more renewable energy sources.

Mobile connectivity is an important enabler to support new smart grids. A smart grid is an electricity network/grid enabling a two-way flow of electricity and data.

Smart grids, enabled by connected sensors and smart meters, can predict energy usage spikes, maintenance requirements and balance the power levels generated across multiple sources thus increasing reliability and minimising waste.

We are encouraging policy makers worldwide to take action swiftly and enable network operators to build 5G networks faster so that we can achieve climate action targets sooner.

The potential of 5G powered technologies is pivotal to reaching the net zero target.

To find out how 5G will help lay the path to net zero take a read of our Climate and Connectivity report here.

Read here to find out how 5G will supercharge utilities and energy.

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