May 9, 2023

New Study Finds 80% of Brits Are Satisfied With 5G Mobile Performance

A new study published by Green Smartphones, a smartphone comparison website which also helps people recycle old smartphones, found that 80% of respondents to its recent poll are satisfied with the speeds and coverage offered by their 5G service.

A third of respondents said that 5G was faster than they expected, as opposed to 14% who said that it was slower than expected.

These figures are encouraging as it follows the rapid deployment of 5G across the UK with EE and Three already reporting 5G coverage beyond 50% of the population, and Virgin Media O2 turning on the UK’s first 5G-connected hospital with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Further, with the Government's ambition to provide 5G standalone availability to all populated areas by 2030, Vodafone switched on the UK’s first 5G Standalone trial network in January.  

5G technologies are still in the early stages of deployment and development, and while the initial rollout has been focussed on capacity enhancement, we can expect to see significant benefits as the technology matures, Stand Alone 5G becomes more prevalent, and further spectrum is released.

As Green Smartphones stated in its report, disappointment with 5G services has been overblown and people are generally happy with the speeds and coverage they are receiving.  

The Green Smartphones report can be read here.

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