June 23, 2022

Mobile UK Welcomes New Mobile Action Plan for Northern Ireland

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Following calls from the industry for dedicated plans to identify barriers and measures to assist the deployment of essential mobile networks, we welcome the publication of a new Mobile Action Plan (MAP) for Northern Ireland.

The MAP NI identifies for the first time the actions that need to be taken to deliver the Northern Ireland Executive’s digital connectivity ambitions. The actions identified also mirror calls made by Mobile UK, including:

  • A comprehensive awareness campaign to highlight the benefits of mobile and to tackle misinformation
  • A programme of work to explore where the planning system can further support digital connectivity and to consider recent developments in other parts of the UK
  • An investigation into the benefits and feasibility of digital champions across local authorities
  • Updates to planning guidance and best practice documentation
  • Plans to enable the use of publicly owned assets for mobile infrastructure
  • Consideration for the establishment of a barrier-busting taskforce
  • Ensuring Local Development Plans take account of and consider policies to assist mobile industry development

Commenting on the release of the Mobile Action Plan for Northern Ireland, Gareth Elliott, Director of Policy and Communications at Mobile UK, the industry’s trade body, said:

“The announcement of a Mobile Action Plan for Northern Ireland is very welcome, and we support the measures identified to assist the deployment of mobile infrastructure. We look forward to working with the Department for Economy and other stakeholders as part of its Barrier Busting Taskforce and other areas where we can offer expertise and experience.”

For further information about Northern Ireland's Mobile Action Plan please check the Department for Economy website here.

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