July 18, 2023

Mobile UK Summer Parliamentary Reception Marks the launch of the Live Better Connected Campaign

Our summer parliamentary reception at the House of Commons, hosted by by Matt Warman MP took place on 17th July in the Terrace Pavilion overlooking the River Thames.  It was attended by over 60 parliamentarians, representatives from several government departments, the mobile network operators and industry peers.

The event brought sector representatives alongside policymakers to celebrate the launch of the latest campaign by Mobile UK – Live Better Connected.

Sir John Whittingdale MP, Minister for Data and Digital Infrastructure, spoke about the importance of the occasion in bringing people together in the industry.

He communicated the Government’s focus on prioritising connectivity to unlock innovation and to future proof the UK. He cited the Wireless Infrastructure Strategy as an example of recent legislation in the sector making mention of the 5G roll out plan targeted to serve all populated areas across the UK by 2030.

Referencing the cost-of-living pressures, he highlighted the industry’s work in tackling digital exclusion. He also drew attention to the Government’s request, made on the back of suggestions from the industry, for OFCOM to review its approach to spectrum license fees to provide a stronger investment environment.

Looking to the future Sir John covered his recent visit to Geneva which focused on developing a global 6G strategy and emphasised the need for the UK to work towards shaping next generation mobile networks to ensure they meet future needs.  

Handing on to Mobile UK CEO, Hamish MacLeod, thanks were extended to everyone. Hamish drew focus on the work Mobile UK has been doing across many areas in recent years, notably, tackling the myths around 5G which were prevalent between 2019-2021 with its effective #5GCheckTheFacts campaign.

Moving onto more recent work, Hamish commended the Government focus on removing barriers to the deployment of mobile infrastructure – specifically, planning reforms. He also urged policymakers to ensure the UK has net neutrality laws which are fit for purpose to enable operators to manage networks more efficiently for all, including those who are digitally excluded.  

He went on to discuss the importance of regional funding for innovation to improve the delivery of public services and used the event to call on the Government to be more aggressive particularly in the areas of transport, public health and social care.

He went on to remind the audience that Mobile UK has been strongly active in advocating on the importance of funding for digital champions as an effective way to deliver public services.

Regarding the removal of barriers to deployment Hamish made the distinction between the need for connectivity felt by communities but the reticence when it comes to the vital infrastructure and equipment needed to facilitate networks. He made clear Mobile UK’s concern on the lack implementation progress following the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act saying it is now an urgent job.  

He wrapped up his speech reiterating the need for the industry to work closely with stakeholders to explain benefits of mobile connectivity stating Mobile UK’s commitment to the National Connectivity Alliance.  

Turning back to the Live Better Conneted campaign Hamish underlined the need to raise awareness of how integral mobile connectivity is to every aspect of our lives.  

He explained the features central to the campaign which includes a series of interactive and creative tools designed to explain how we use mobile networks and the infrastructure that is needed to ensure the UK remains competitive in emerging technologies.

The event audience was encouraged to take the How Connected Are You challenge which provides a personal connected profile showing how many devices respondents are connected to as well as a gauge of whether they are a minimal, moderate or heavy mobile user.

Alongside this the first stage of the upcoming Interactive Mobile Landscape was unveiled to the reception audience. Scheduled for launch in the next month, the Mobile UK team demonstrated how the interactive map can be used as an education and explainer tool. Visually engaging the map shows the many areas of life, public and business services which can be enhanced with mobile technology, as well as revealing the infrastructure needed to provide the mobile networks we now all rely on – such as masts, monopoles, small cells and base stations.  

Following the event attention moves to the public roll out of the Live Better Connected campaign.


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