March 9, 2020

Mobile UK responds to Ofcom's Consultation on the Implementation of the European EEC

Mobile UK has submitted its response to Ofcom’s consultation on its proposals to implement the new European Electronic Communications Code.

In our response we have urged Ofcom to:

  • Maintain its current approach to ‘in contract’ changes, which is proportionate and practical, not adopt the radical approach proposed;
  • Work through with industry, in much more detail, some of the practical  issues, such as the new porting process and the video relay service for disabled customers; and
  • To review the timetable for implementation of some aspects, which appear well ahead of EU members, and will not be in consumer interests if undertaken overly hastily

Commenting on the consultation, Hamish MacLeod, Director of Mobile UK said:

“The new Code is a very important piece of regulation for the future of the sector. The proposals whereby customers are informed of every minor change in tariffs are not workable and the existing approach should be retained. Further thought also needs to be given to the implementation timetable, which, if over ambitious, will not benefit consumers.”

Mobile UK Response to Ofcom

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