June 14, 2020

Mobile UK outlines infrastructure reforms required to assist COVID-19 recovery in submission to the ICE

In responding to the Institute of Civil Engineer’s (ICE) Call for Evidence and the new normal for infrastructure systems, Mobile UK highlights the critical position mobile networks have and will continue to make to the UK’s economy and society.

Mobile UK welcomes the approach the ICE has taken towards looking forward and beyond the pandemic for the nation’s infrastructure. It is vitally important that measures are taken now to ensure that reforms required to assist the recovery are implemented during this period and not delayed.

The UK’s Mobile networks have been at the core of keeping the UK’s economy going throughout the pandemic, maintaining family connections, enabling homeschooling and working and supporting critical infrastructure such as the NHS.

Commenting on the submission to the ICE Gareth Elliott, Head of Policy and Communications at Mobile UK, said:

“With the pivotal role mobile networks have taken throughout the pandemic, it is now essential to ensure that in this ‘new normal’ policy reflects the changes experienced and pivots towards digital infrastructure.”

Mobile UK response to ICE Call for Evidence

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