July 17, 2023

Mobile UK Launches ‘Live Better Connected’ Campaign to Raise Awareness of how Mobile Connectivity Improves Lives

17 July, 2023 – Mobile UK, the industry body for the UK’s Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), has launched Live Better Connected, a brand-new campaign designed to educate people and improve awareness about how individuals and society as a whole rely on mobile connectivity.  

The new era of mobile connectivity is dramatically impacting lives at home, at work, and in local communities. Indeed, not only do people use mobile networks for almost every aspect of everyday life, but the internet of things (IoT) is driving forward a new era of connected devices, transforming the ways in which businesses and entire industries operate.  

In the UK alone, there are over 85 million active mobile connections. Globally, there are already 14 billion connected ‘things’, with that figure expected to rise to 30 billion by 2025.

A major aim of the Live Better Connected campaign is to help people and businesses realise the power of mobile connectivity to improve lives and the prosperity of the UK as a whole. An online How Connected Are You? challenge has been created and is designed to demonstrate how much we rely on mobile network connections which have gone beyond the mobile phone.

Commenting on the latest campaign, Director of Policy and Communications for Mobile UK, Gareth Elliott, said:

“Mobile connectivity is now a necessity in our daily lives but awareness and understanding about how it works and the infrastructure behind it is low, which acts as a barrier to deployment. This impacts people and businesses who rely on mobile connectivity not only today but in the future in which our reliance on mobile is only going to grow.
“The Live Better Connected campaign has been designed to show how integral mobile connections are to our everyday lives through specially created interactive features such as the ‘How Connected Are You?’ challenge, which we invite people to take and see how connected they really are via mobile networks.”

How can people and businesses get involved?

As well as building awareness, the campaign also seeks to continue Mobile UK’s call for investment by central Government into the creation of dedicated Digital Champions in every UK local authority.  

A local authority Digital Champion can coordinate and prioritise digital connectivity and address digital exclusion as part of the government’s levelling up agenda.  

Other ways people can get involved in the campaign include:  

The Live Better Connected Campaign page, which contains more information via facts, stats, case studies and infographics, can be accessed here.  


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