November 27, 2019

Mobile UK joins GMCA to discuss accelerating the rolloutof 5G across Greater Manchester at its GM 5G Special Conference

Gareth Elliott, Head of Policy and Communications at Mobile UK

With 5G deployment active across the United Kingdom Mobile UK welcomed an invitation from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to join a special conference with local authorities to discuss accelerating the rollout of 5G across Greater Manchester.

The conference offered a chance for industry and local government to meet to understand how 5G rollout will happen from both perspectives while also providing an opportunity to discuss the future applications and the economic and social benefits associated with 5G. In addition, representatives from West Midlands 5G spoke at the event to share best practice on 5G deployment while Public Health England was also in attendance to take questions about radio waves and health.

Gareth Elliott, Head of Policy and Communications at MobileUK, said:

“I am very encouraged by the approach the Greater Manchester Combined Authority digital team has taken to engaging with the industry. This summit provided an opportunity to understand from both an industry and local government perspective the benefits and practicalities of deployment.

“5G is a transformative technology, and it is crucial that the industry can work in partnership with local government to ensure all can benefit, and that where possible, barriers to deployment can be understood and broken down in these early stages of deployment.”

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