May 22, 2023

Mobile UK Calls On Newly Elected Councillors In Northern Ireland To Prioritise Digital Strategies And Support The Mobile Action Plan

Mobile UK, the industry body for the UK’s Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), is calling for all newly elected local councillors to put digital policy and connectivity strategies for their localities high on their agenda as they start their new terms.  

Mobile connectivity, which is fundamental to our daily lives, will play an increasingly important role in future-proofing the nation by serving communities and businesses and driving economic growth in Northern Ireland. Without connectivity, communities will find it more difficult to thrive, and digital inequality will increase leading to poorer economic and societal outcomes.  

Councillors can support the deployment of vital technology for their areas and ensure people have access to reliable mobile connectivity today, and increased capacity for the future, by getting involved with Mobile UK’s Digital Champions campaign. This is a role that has been actively advocated in Northern Ireland’s Mobile Action Plan.

The rollout of mobile networks is currently hindered by a multitude of barriers which makes the deployment of mobile infrastructure more difficult. For instance, the determination and validation of planning applications for mobile infrastructure can often be subject to long delays.

The campaign calls for central government funding for Digital Champions for every local authority to deliver a comprehensive programme which will assist the effective rollout of digital connectivity.  

A Digital Champion is a person or team of decision-makers with the duty of coordinating mobile connectivity and infrastructure at a local level.  

Commenting, Director of Policy and Communications for Mobile UK, Gareth Elliott said:  

“We congratulate all newly and re-elected councillors in Northern Ireland’s local elections and are encouraging every councillor to actively support our ongoing campaign for the roll-out of local Digital Champions. We urge them to be proactive in progressing Northern Ireland’s Mobile Action Plan, which seeks to identify and break down barriers to the roll out of mobile networks.
“Councils with a Digital Champion are four times more likely to assist in the smooth rollout of mobile infrastructure, which is vital to maintaining and increasing connectivity for all our communities and strengthening digital inclusion.”

For more information on Mobile UK and the role of mobile connectivity councillors can visit Mobile UK’s website for further resources and information and subscribe to the ‘Connected’ newsletter.


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