November 7, 2017

Mobile UK Briefing: Treasury Select Committee - Work of the National Infrastructure Commission

Mobile UK welcomes the Treasury Select Committee’s oral evidence session to consider the work of the National Infrastructure Commission. It offers an opportunity to understand progress and to outline the ongoing investment of the mobile industry as it continues to deliver on its obligations to expand and enhance mobile coverage across the UK.

Mobile UK welcomed the National Infrastructure Commission’s recent consultation on the priorities for national infrastructure. We believe it correctly identified the timely need for further legislative reform to support mobile infrastructure, especially in removing barriers within the planning process. We also welcome its focus on what needs to be done to improve mobile coverage on road and rail networks.

Mobile UK also welcomed the NIC’s assertion that the job is not Whitehall’s alone; in particular the need to increase the involvement of the five regional metro mayors. Better and more focused strategic planning at a local and regional level is essential to mobile roll-out.

Key recommendations for action
  1. Better parity from the Government over its policy of fixed and mobile telecommunications, such as the extension of business rates relief to mobile
  2. The Government must create a ‘Connectivity Impact Assessment’ to embed mobile connectivity needs into new infrastructure investment
  3. Further reform of the planning system across the UK to bring more mobile infrastructure into the permitted development rights regime and provisions for future flexibility to allow the implementation of new technologies such as 5G
  4. More focus on strategic planning at a local and regional level. Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships must ensure that mobile infrastructure and deployment are factored into Local Development Plans and Strategic Economic Plans
  5. Encourage wider consistency in the interpretation of planning regulations across planning authority areas to enable more effective roll-out
  6. The Government and the National Infrastructure Commission must consider how they can ensure that mobile operators can make the most of existing infrastructure, especially on road and rail.

For the full briefing download PDF below

The Work of the National Infrastructure Commission PDF

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