May 15, 2024

Mobile Infrastructure Forum Member Cornerstone Unveils Policy Reform Blueprint to Propel UK's Digital Infrastructure Transformation

Cornerstone, one of the UK’s leading digital infrastructure companies, has unveiled its focused "6-Point Connectivity Blueprint," aimed at spearheading the UK's digital transformation. This strategic framework, born out of real use cases across the UK, outlines targeted policies and actions across six critical areas to accelerate progress towards a digitally enabled society. A detailed copy is available to download at the end of this article.

Pat Coxen, CEO at Cornerstone, said:

"At Cornerstone, we are committed to driving innovation and fostering inclusive development through enhanced digital connectivity, our 6-Point Connectivity Blueprint represents a landmark initiative to address key challenges and unlock the full potential of digital infrastructure across the UK."

The cornerstone of the blueprint lies in its comprehensive approach, encompassing:

  • 1. Planning for Prosperity: Advocating for enhanced funding and resource support for local planning authorities to expedite telecommunications infrastructure planning applications.
  • 2. Digital Integration Mandate: Proposing a mandate for local authorities to incorporate digital connectivity plans into development processes, ensuring future-proofed infrastructure.
  • 3. Local Digital Champions: Empowering and funding Digital Champions within local authorities to facilitate the rollout of telecommunications infrastructure and align with digital and economic development strategies.
  • 4. Unified Planning Framework: Harmonising planning regimes between central and devolved governments to promote regulatory coherence and streamline infrastructure development.
  • 5. Digital Access Act: Calling for legislative changes to streamline access procedures under the Electronic Communications Code, facilitating efficient deployment of critical infrastructure.
  • 6. PSTI Implementation Act: Urging the implementation of provisions under the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act (PSTI) to enhance investment and industry consistency.

Belinda Fawcett, General Counsel and Director of Property and Estates, said:

"Our proposal for policy reform offers substantial benefits to both Government, industry stakeholders, and investors. By supporting enhanced funding for local planning authorities and advocating for streamlined legislative changes, we aim to expedite infrastructure development while promoting economic growth and job creation."

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