May 25, 2022

#MeetTheChampions with Lesley Holt, West Midlands 5G

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In our latest video in our #MeetTheCampions series, we spoke to Acceleration & Adoption Director, Lesley Holt from West Midlands 5G (WM5G).  

The West Midlands is home to the UK’s first region wide 5G urban testbed. In this episode, Lesley shares how this innovative technology supports industry in the region and how local authorities worked together to make it possible.  

Lesley explains how connectivity is a vital component to post pandemic economic recovery for the West Midlands and that a smooth roll out of 5G infrastructure will help position the UK as a world leader in innovative digital technologies. She goes on to outline WM5G’s initial objectives and the extensive planning of the UK’s first 5G testbed.

WM5G created the 5G digital forum, an initiative set up so that all seven local authorities could work closely together when rolling out the technology. Lesley states that this collaboration enabled authorities to:

“futureproof and enhance the reputation of the region as a place to live, run a business and invest”.

Lesley describes how the role of Digital Champions contributed to the effective rollout of WM5G:

We have successfully tested and proved transformational benefits from breakthrough 5G services and healthcare, transport, manufacturing and other sectors. As a result of our work, the West Midlands is now recognised as having the best 5G coverage of any combined authority region”.

Be sure to watch the #MeetTheChampionsseries here to find out more about the impact of the digital strategy in the West Midlands and other regions across the UK. Also take a read of our latest report, Building Mobile Britain: The Case for Local Authority Digital Champions, that showcases how local authorities who have already embedded a focused digital strategy are streets ahead of those which have yet to create a plan.

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