May 12, 2022

#MeetTheChampions With Heather Clark, Wolverhampton City Council

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In line with the launch of our latest report Building Mobile Britain: The Case for Local Authority Digital Champions report, we have launched our brand-new video series, #MeetTheChampions.

The first video in this series showcases Heather Clark, Head of Digital Projects at the City of Wolverhampton Council. Heather joins us to explain the importance of improving connectivity in Wolverhampton, and how her role has helped to build better relationships with the telecommunications industry, which in turn has helped to smooth the rollout of mobile infrastructure and improve coverage and capacity in the city.

Heather elaborates on the benefits of digital connectivity and how it will enhance public services, and in turn, have positive impacts on levelling up our economy.

“Digital connectivity is crucial to the city of Wolverhampton. It is the backbone of our modern, thriving economy, driving productivity, spreading growth, and delivering effective and efficient public services.”

Heather further explains why the City of Wolverhampton Council felt it was fundamental to appoint a digital champion to support the rollout of full-fibre and 5G.

“We adopted a Wolverhampton Digital Infrastructure strategy in January 2020, focusing on supporting the rollout of future proof digital infrastructure across the city.”

Be sure to watch the first video of the #MeetTheChampions series here to find out more about the impact of the digital strategy in Wolverhampton. For more and subscribe to our YouTube so you don’t miss any uploads!

Learn more about Heather Clark and Wolverhampton City Council via LinkedIn

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