August 15, 2022

#MeetTheChampions – Jonathan Harris from Cumbria County Council

In the latest of our #MeetTheChampions video series, we speak to Jonathan Harris, Programme Director for Cumbria County Council. In this video, Jonathan reflects on the importance of improving digital infrastructure for Cumbria and how this has led to successes in economic growth for the county. 

Jonathan explains that as a result of the pandemic, people have changed the way they work and access services such as healthcare. He goes on to say that improved connectivity is vital to keep up with modern life. 

Cumbria has had numerous digital successes as a result of improved infrastructure, he explains how 5G deployment is important in the rural area of the county, especially for tourism, agriculture, and agritech industries.

Be sure to watch the full video here to find out more about Cumbria’s digital successes. Further to this, visit the Cumbria County Council website, for more information about Connecting Cumbria. 

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