July 27, 2022

#MeetTheChampions – John Steward, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

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This week, we spoke to John Steward, Digital Infrastructure Lead for Greater Manchester Combined Authority, as part of our #MeetTheChampions series. In this video John reflects on the importance of digital connectivity for Greater Manchester and how Digital Champions at a city region level can support local authorities.

John explained how improved digital connectivity is essential for industry and economic growth across the Greater Manchester region. He discussed the future of connectivity for the region.  

Additionally, John discussed the importance of Digital Champions at a city region level. Greater Manchester Combined Authority has ten local authorities in its remit and acts as an intermediary between the market and local authorities to provide support, guidance, and a shared network of resources.  

Watch the full video here to find out more about the positive impact of digital connectivity in Greater Manchester and the vital role that his role as Digital Champion has had on improving relations with the industry and smoothing the rollout of digital infrastructure.. You can also visit the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website, for more information on their Digital Blueprint plan.

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Learn more about John Steward and Greater Manchester Combined Authority via LinkedIn.

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