April 17, 2017

Industrial Strategy: Mobile connectivity must be at the heart of Government's plans to modernise the UK economy

The Industrial Strategy rightly focusses on digital infrastructure and connectivity and Mobile UK welcomes the Government’s identification that mobile telecoms are part of the nation’s critical economic infrastructure and puts upgrading this infrastructure at its heart.

Mobile communications underpin connectivity, spur productivity and open up new opportunities for businesses and growth. It is a core input for the UK to remaining one of the most competitive places to start or grow a business. It is therefore important that in looking forward mobile connectivity receives at least as much attention as fixed broadband. The UK, through the mobile network operators must be able to continue investing in the mobile network, building on the strengths of current capabilities and readying the country for 5G.

To achieve this, the right regulatory framework must be in place that not only fosters competition, investment and innovation but reduces barriers to the deployment of mobile infrastructure. The government’s role should be to facilitate private investment, provide policy stability and support the market.

Download Mobile UK’s response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper below

Notes to Editors

  1. Mobile UK is the trade association for the UK’s mobile network operators -  EE, O2, Three and Vodafone.
  2. The Industrial Strategy Green Paper can be found here.
Mobile UK’s response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper PDF

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