August 2, 2021

How will 5G enhance our driving experiences?

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From communicating with other cars on the road to sharing data on congestion and hazards, the potential of 5G in enhancing the way we drive, are driven, or even how vehicles drive themselves, is endless.

As part of our mini-pack information series we are showcasing 5G use-cases across several sectors to provide information and insight into how this technology can transform our lives.

Download our latest mini-pack here as we explore how 5G will change the driving experience, offering case study examples that offer insight into the impact 5G will have, and is in some cases already having for driver and passenger experiences.

5G powered vehicles will support better and safer traffic management. 5G’s low latency at 5 milliseconds (faster than a human’s reaction) will help reduce accidents on our roads. The vehicle to everything (V2X) concept will provide drivers or ‘users’ with additional safety information before it’s visible, for example, advanced detection of roadworks and traffic delays.

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West Midlands 5G and Transport for West Midlands collaborated on a project which showcased 5G technology’s ability to cut traffic congestion on some of West Midlands’ busiest roads. A congestion busting network of 5G sensors was used to relay live traffic information to the regional control centre, diverting buses and issuing instant warnings to avoid traffic build up.

To find out more about how 5G will change the driving experience, and to view and download the new mini pack series, as well as access information toolkits, fact sheets, and infographics related to 5G and health you can download all from here:

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