March 8, 2021

How 5G could play a fundamental role in helping rural life

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While 4G already provides access to new approaches to working and learning, the rollout of 5G will have asignificant impact not only on rural businesses, but also on rural life. By helping to improve connectivity, it has the potential to future proof the rural economy for years to come. 

5G is expected to play a part in creating viable solutions, alongside existing technologies to improve rural connectivity. For example, 5G offers the possibility of reaching areas where fixed digital connectivity cannot because difficult terrain prevents, or severely hinders, the laying of fixed digital wires. 

With improved connectivity, comes greater opportunity. All rural firms - from the farm to the manufacturer - could have new tools to help them boost their business. 5G enabled remote working could help rural residents access better jobs and training, and tourism could be enhanced by new methods of engaging visitors.  

With 17.5m hectares of agricultural land in the UK, it is estimated that 5G-enabled technology could reduce farming costs by 15% and increase crop yield by 13%.  Equipment that uses 5G will give farmers new tools to make their job easier, increase productivity, and enable farms to become more efficient and environmentally sustainable. 

This technology can also be a powerful tool in teaching. Schools globally are allocated 15.9% of budget to education technology in 2020, in comparison to 3.9% in 2018. 5G has the potential to offer rural schools a new set of teaching devices, so that it will be easier to deliver uninterrupted remote lessons when they are necessary, such as during a pandemic. In addition, an enhanced and more reliable digital connection offers an alternative to participating in university degrees and skills courses face-to-face.  

As part of Mobile UK’s latest #5GCheckTheFacts campaign, the trade body provides insight into the benefits of 5G for rural life. Appreciating that the rollout of new technology can also raise questions and concerns, the campaign also provides useful materials to help dispel the misinformation about the technology’s impact.  

To find out more about how 5G can benefit rural life, view and download the new mini pack series, as well as information toolkits, fact sheets, and infographics related to 5G and healthfrom  

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