October 27, 2021

Guest Blog: Why is 5G research so integral to our future?

Last month we launched our #Talking5G series, inviting people from a range of sectors to offer their understanding of 5G technology, explain how it is currently benefiting their industry and the potential it will bring in the near future.

Our first guest, principal analyst and founder of Assembly Research, Matthew Howett offers a detailed explanation about his research into 5G; why research into public opinion is so important for the future of 5G, and further insight to the trends he is noticing.

Assembly Research is an independent, London-based analyst firm providing custom and subscription research on regulatory, policy and legislative developments that affect communications markets and the wider digital economy.

Matthew’s research into 5G has focused on the main ways governments and regulators around the world have been making 5G available for consumers.  

As the UK strides ahead and takes leadership position in terms of its rollout, Assembly Research has been looking at the contribution of 5G to the economy, estimated to be as much as £173 billion over the next decade to the economy. This has benefits to the mobile operators and industries that use the 5G enabled technologies to improve productivity.  

Research into public opinion regarding 5G is very important as the public may still be unclear of the benefits 5G will bring prior to its complete roll out nationwide. Rather than the initial speed improvements for consumers and users of the 5G networks, the everyday aspects of our lives that will realise the benefits are the types of futuristic things most of us used to dream about, like connected and autonomous vehicles and connected cities which make life more pleasant for the inhabitants.  

Due to the fact these technologies will not become a reality until the second phase of 5G deployment, they are intangible or potential benefits for now, meaning people don’t see the immediate need for 5G rollout. Public information campaigns such as the #5GCheckTheFacts aim to ensure the provision of easy-to-use, accurate and accessible information regarding 5G benefits and health.

We would like to thank Matthew for joining us as part of our #Talking5G series. Be sure to watch his video here and find out why research into public opinion is so pivotal for the future of 5G and the trends he is noticing that have come about because of 5G.  

The full #Talking5G series can be viewed here.

Learn more about Matthew Howett via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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