October 23, 2023

Gareth Elliott Joins The Infrastructure Podcast To Discuss How We Live Better Connected.

Our Director of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, features in The Infrastructure Podcast where he discusses the importance of a positive investment environment to encourage the deployment of world-class mobile infrastructure and the role of Government to achieve that.  

During the episode, hosted by Antony Oliver, Gareth introduces listeners to a range of projects the mobile industry is involved in which are working towards enhancing connectivity nationwide. The projects and goals Gareth touches on include:

  • The Shared Rural Network is a £1 billion initiative which aims to extend 4G coverage to 95% of the UK’s landmass.
  • 5G networks are rapidly being deployed in towns and cities, with two mobile operators already meeting the 50% UK population milestone.
  • Working towards the Government's ambition to provide 5G standalone to the majority of populated areas by 2030.

Although the industry has achieved various accomplishments, there are still many challenges and hurdles regarding mobile infrastructure that Gareth explores during this podcast. Listen to the full episode available here.

For more interesting stories on how mobile connectivity is enhancing day-to-day lives and enabling us to live better connected, check out our Live Better Connected podcast too. We have some exciting episodes currently featuring The Big Issue and LiveU, and we have some more fascinating episodes in the pipeline that we look forward to sharing.

The YouTube visuals for each podcast episode are available here, the audio is also available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Google Podcasts too.  

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