December 13, 2021

Electromagnetic Magnetic Frequency Paper Addresses Radiofrequency Discourse

Electromagnetic Magnetic Frequency (EMF) and its effect on human health has been a topic of interest that predates the introduction of mobile communications. To provide an independent assessment of claims on the subject in full context Mobile UK has commissioned a contemporary overview of the current scientific evidence surrounding radiofrequency radiation.

Radiofrequency and human health: An overview of the current evidence base addresses the following topics and discusses the conversations surrounding them:

  • Overview of Radiofrequency radiation and relevant context
  • Radiofrequency radiation and cancer
  • Radiofrequency radiation and reports of electromagnetic hypersensitivity
  • Radiofrequency radiation and COVID-19
  • Common misconceptions and avenues of confusion
  • Concluding remarks and disclaimer

The paper provides a thorough explanation of radiation and the varying degrees of exposure that our bodies encounter daily, including its measurable impact and the crucial differences between ionising and non-ionising radiation. The paper looks specifically at radiofrequency radiation and its interaltionshiop between the human body, X-rays, UV rays, and microwave frequencies.

The paper also addresses aclaim that the Covid-19 pandemic can be transmitted by 5G. This falsehood has created public uncertainty, to the extent of arson attacks on mobile-phone towers internationally, despite it being biologically impossible.

There are an array of misconceptions and confusion surrounding the impact of 5G which this report seeks to address. As the technology evolves it is normal for people to query and question how it works and its safety. This report provides people with important facts and the science behind the technology.

Radiofrequency and human health: An overview of the current evidence - Please click here to read or download the full report.

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