January 5, 2023

EE Extends 4G Coverage to over 500 more Rural Areas

Shared Rural Network
  • EE delivered a new 4G service in over 500 locations over the last year
  • Over 420 square miles of new EE 4G coverage in 2022
  • Over 900 more areas set to benefit from 4G by 2024 under the Shared Rural Network programme
  • Upgrades also benefit key roads

EE has built or upgraded over 500 4G sites across the UK since December 2021, as part of theShared Rural Network (SRN) initiative to extend coverage in rural areas across the UK.

The investment constitutes the latest expansion of EE’s 4G coverage across remote parts of the UK. In total, EE has upgraded 1362 sites since the SRN deal was signed in March 2020, bringing improved connectivity to each UK nation.

EE plans to deliver around 900 more upgrades to rural areas of the UK by 2024, with each home nation receiving additional coverage.

Philip Jansen, Chief Executive of BT Group, said:

“BT is committed to ensuring that even the most remote areas of the country are connected. Despite a challenging economic environment, we’re continuing to invest in rural infrastructure to achieve that. EE’s 4G has expanded by 500 square miles over the past year and we continue to be the sole provider of mobile services in many areas of the UK.” 

Many of the upgrades have helped improved coverage throughout the UK’s road network, a key benefit of the Shared Rural Network programme. Whether using the motorway network, or driving along key local roads, those travelling will find the widest 4G coverage yet, helping to keep kids entertained with streaming movies and muisic hits. Roads getting better coverage from EE under the programme include the M1, M4 and M6 in England, A487, A489 and A4212 in Wales, A838, A85 and A90 in Scotland and A1 and A24 in Northern Ireland.

EE's orginal press release can be found here.

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