July 1, 2020

Dutch court rejects attempt to stop 5G rollout over health concerns


On 25th May 2020, the court of Justice in the Netherlands rejected a suit brought by a group seeking to halt Holland's 5G telecommunications network rollout over possible health concerns.

In its judgement the court rejected claims regularly made by the anti-5G lobby, for example:

  • The court rejected the claim that the ‘precautionary principle’ requires that 5G is not rolled until more tests are completed and explains (para 4.34) ”the State implements the precautionary principle by applying the ICNIRP directives, by regularly verifying that the limits referred to therein are not exceeded, by regularly re-examining new insights into potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic waves and by (the commitment) to act accordingly.”
  • The court rejected the claim that ICNIRP guidelines do not cover all potential health risks by pointing out (para 4.25) that “Appendix B of the new guidelines states that the guidelines are based on scientific studies on all conceivable health effects of electromagnetic fields, including non-thermal health effects….ICNIRP has assessed all the (possible) effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields raised in the literature, and not just the health risks caused by warming.”
  • The Court rejected much of the evidence being relied upon’ for example: “Many international and scientific institutions, including the Health Council and the European Commission, have fundamentally criticised this [Bionitiative] report. Part of this criticism is that not all authors have a scientific background, the methods that have been followed have not been properly described, there are many perceptible errors in the report and selective use has been made of scientific data.” (Para 4.18)
  • The court dismissed the significance of the so called 5G Appeal, stating it “mainly contains personal views of people who are largely not experts in the field of electromagnetic fields and health
  • The Court confirmed that the Dutch Government was taking all reasonable measures to keep citizens safe, that the auction of radio spectrum could proceed and that the Stop5G NL appeal to have it stopped had failed.

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